*Clap Clap*

About five years ago, our back porch was taken over by rat snakes. I would find one coiled up on the outdoor table while another made itself comfortable below the step of our sliding glass door. One time, I opened the screen door to find myself confronted with an 8-foot snake climbing up the screen! I’m kidding – I thought it was an 8-foot snake, but it was really the two 4-foot snakes having a little fun with me. I eventually decided to cut off their heads since they wouldn’t take the hint each time I relocated them to different areas in the woods. Normally, I wouldn’t have done this to a simple, harmless rat snake. But where there are two, there could potentially be hundreds more in the form of babies. No, thanks.

Speaking of babies, it turns out that’s what the snakes were after all along! After cautiously stepping out onto the back porch one evening, I found Sid and Nancy (yes, I named them) trying to scramble out of one of the hanging planters above the porch railing. And because I’m clueless, I had no idea why the snakes would be remotely interested in flowers until I caught a pair of adult birds freaking out on a nearby tree. Once we had rid ourselves of the troublesome duo, I kept vigil over these baby birds for weeks, often having to clap my hands in order to get the babies to cheep cheep as their parents were constantly flying into the wrong hanging planter. You can imagine the terror and screeching coming from Mom and Dad when they realized OMG!!!! Where are the babies??? THE BABIES ARE MISSING!

No, stupid birds. Check the other planter!

cheep cheep
Oh, there they are!

…until the next round of feeding.

(Polly the Cat seemed very curious about the babies – or, rather, about what was making all that noise – but otherwise lost interest quickly. No worries. She just wanted some snuggles.)


6 thoughts on “*Clap Clap*

  1. My mom brought home a little birdie years back. It fell from the nest and was the only one survived. We took care of it for a few days before it went to heaven. It looked like these! ;’)

    • I tried to Google what kind of birds these were and discovered they all look the same! Ha! The shape of its mouth leads me to believe these are robins, but that is a very uneducated guess! Sorry to hear your little bird didn’t make it. 😦

    • I left out the part when I accidentally touched one. On its head…GAH! I thought it was my drink on the side table.

      P.S. When being invaded by snakes, always look before blindly reaching out your hand to grab a drink.

  2. You’re messing with evolution the birds there…if Mom and Dad are too stupid too feed them, their DNA shouldn’t be passed on. At least that’s what I think when I see some parents these days!

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