Adventuring: Jekyll Island (Day Two, Part Three), or We Got Our Flippie Floppies


knocking off #30 on my list of 36 Before 36!

After visiting the Georgia Sea Turtle Center, we headed over to Tidelands, a 4-H Nature Center overseen by the University of Georgia’s College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.  The Tidelands offers a couple of different ways to enjoy the island’s beauty by water, either by kayak or by canoe. Because Matt is the only one with any kayaking experience (and because the max fit in a kayak is two people), we decided on the canoe.

And of course we chose the canoe already occupied by a frantic crab. And of course we only noticed this little guy after two of us were barefoot and in the canoe and had been pushed out into the water.

*Spoiler Alert: EVERYONE SURVIVED! Even the crab.

For about the first 10 minutes of our half hour excursion around a tiny lake, Elle kept declaring, “This is stressful. This is so stressful!” It didn’t help that the woman working inside the rental building informed us that they had recently seen two alligators in the lake. I know how to spot alligator slides on dirt banks, so I wasn’t too concerned.



Matt paddled from behind, Elle stayed centered on the floor of the canoe, and I managed to paddle with enough strength to get us back to the shore after I became queasy.

It’s quite embarrassing. I do not know what is wrong with me.

It was such a fun time. It really, really was! And I am willing to do it again, maybe in a smaller, more enclosed area. Not so much a small lake, but Matt mentioned river canoeing. This works in two ways for me because:

  1. The river is probably not going to be 60-100 feet deep in a whole lot of places that are hundreds of feet from a shoreline.
  2. The banks will be closer and this will (hopefully) discourage me from experiencing seasickness…in 8 feet of water.

Elle was happier when she was out of the canoe and Matt was able to convince her to maybe try it again in a river…filled with otters.


(I dare you to be on a boat, any size boat, and not sing “I”m On A Boat!”. Seriously.)


6 thoughts on “Adventuring: Jekyll Island (Day Two, Part Three), or We Got Our Flippie Floppies

  1. Sea-Bands. Get Sea-Bands. I get sea sick on a dock and they allow me to read in a row boat on a choppy lake or in the car or an airplane. I even did back seat on a car tour last summer on sinuous roads. Actually, I’ve been using them for maybe 25 years or more. I have some on now after driving out of the mountains for 2½ hours in a swirling snow storm. (Forgot to take them off.) My daughter and daughter-in-law both used them for pregnancy. Good grief. That makes it over 25 years ago.

    • thanks for the suggestion!! I’ve only ever used dramamine for motion sickness issues and all that did was render me unconscious. Not that I’m complaining about being asleep during an 8-hour ride through the mountains, but it would make paddling a canoe kind of hard. Sea Bands sounds like its worth a try!

      • If you go chemical, Bonine (available as meclizine HCL) is slightly less sleep inducing than Dramamine. It also lasts longer. It’s my fall-back position if for any reason I feel nauseous (or is it nauseated — grammar police?) before the journey even begins.

  2. i howled at your daughter’s “this is stressful” mantra!! I have a son who feels that way about canoes (actually boats in general!) and he said the EXACT thing last night when I suggested we go kayaking today!! He’s here for the week, so although it may be too windy today, we’ll hopefully get him on the river before he departs. And speaking of “river,” I think your first canoe experience would have been waaayyyy LESS stressful on a river or creek! You are SO right about seeing a closer shoreline on either side of you—it just feels more secure!!!
    Oh! and thanks for sharing all this wonderful info about Tidelands! That would make a great long-weekend destination for my daughter and me!

    • It’s one of my favorite places! Funny about your son …I hoped breaking her in early would help destress her but now I have to get her back out soon before her confidence disappears altogether!

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