Adventuring: Jekyll Island (Day One)

This holiday weekend has been a whirlwind, which gives me a good excuse to break it all down one day at a time. Matt, Elle, and I had so much fun – minus the spell of mild food poisoning the three of us experienced and I need not tell you about, you’re welcome. I learned how to paddle in a canoe, Elle learned how to peel shrimp, and Matt learned how to sweep a girl off her feet. That’s a story for later…for now, Day One.

On Thursday morning, we packed our overnight bags and headed to Jekyll Island, a state park off the coast of Georgia. Our hotel was oceanfront (not oceanview – remember that trick of the hotel language) and quite convenient to all the things we planned to enjoy on our first day on the island – the pool and the beach. No big plans here, just quiet relaxation. After a pricey but bland lunch at a popular local restaurant called Fins at the Beach (with beautiful ocean views!), we needed to shop for a swimsuit for the kiddo (she’s sadly outgrown all of hers) and a sun hat for myself.

shade providers at Fins on the Beach

oceanview patio the shade

For an island as gorgeous and touristy as Jekyll Island, we were surprised to learn that there are currently no beachwear shops anywhere. A new convention center was built in the former boutique shopping hub and now those old businesses are being run out of trailers about a mile down the road. Elle’s new swimwear consists of a pair of long swim trunks and a t-shirt purchased from a typical island gift shop. My new sun hat was found at the local hardware store.

After an hour in the pool and another hour in the ocean waves, we were tuckered out. Matt met a wave as big as him and poor Elle got knocked down and spun out inside the water. Considering she has been suffering from allergies for the last week or two, a hefty dose of salt water up the nose left her breathing quite nicely the very next day! It’s happened to me once before and I can’t remember my sinuses feeling clearer than they did the following day. I like to call this nature’s Neti Pot.

Dinner at Latitude 31 on Jekyll Wharf left us wishing our bellies were bigger, much bigger – Oh.My.Goodness. Quite honestly, the Romano chicken (grilled chicken on a bed of angel hair pasta and a tomato/basil cream sauce) and Matt’s fried grits and shrimp (yes, the grits were fried into a cake!) were some of the yummiest foods I have ever tasted. The drinks, however, reminded me of what a lightweight I am.

On the drive back to the hotel, we saw a deer, not fifteen feet from the car. She stood there long enough for us all to stop, roll down the windows, and stare for a few seconds. Then she ran away gracefully. Can we go back?

Also, the west-facing marsh sunset view:


The Jekyll Wharf at sunset



the clouds disappeared long enough to provide us with some sunset colors

sunset over the Jekyll Island marsh


4 thoughts on “Adventuring: Jekyll Island (Day One)

  1. sounds wonderful!!! don’t make us wait too long for the “knows how to sweep a girl off her feet” installment of the story!!! 🙂
    ps. I LOVE the pic of the cub on your Catty Shack button/link!!! what a cutie!

  2. That cub is now probably the size of me! Our sanctuary took in 5 of those cubs (two separate sets of siblings) and they will be with us forever now. I have never worked with them hands-on, but being out there at the sanctuary with all the big cats is a big spirit-mender for bad days. Where else can I go to weed a garden and be roared at by a lion? IT’S SO COOL!

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