Garden Progress: Us vs Them

After my first tangle with the eastern lubber grasshopper nymphs, I settled back into a state of mind in which I was victorious and, obviously, delusional. The damn things came back last night.

Much to their bad fortune, I was in a foul mood. After having endured another freak episode at the dentist (the novocaine wore off mid-procedure and because I’m no sissy, I said “DRILL, BABY, DRILL!!!”), I felt like punching something.  We all survived and I’m feeling much better this morning, but I certainly took out my homicidal tendencies on the grasshoppers yesterday.  While watering the garden, I found two clusters of nymphs: one beneath the red maple and another on my garden’s wire fence – the same two places I’d seen them already.

So, sink or swim, ya little @#%&#@!!!!

I flooded the areas with water from the hose, shooting the stream straight down onto them. I hoped I was destroying something – ANYTHING, MY GOD! – that would prevent them from coming out in such large numbers. It seemed to do the trick, too. Mostly.

This morning, I found some in the same spot on the garden’s wire fence. I took off my flip flop, gave them a few whacks, and *smoosh*. Solved that. I discovered a few more over on my potted strawberries and caged tomatoes, but nothing I couldn’t manage with a couple swings of a shoe.

eastern lubber damage

eastern lubber damage

eastern lubber

another one making its way to a feast! He's dead now.

So far, the progress in my garden has been better than I actually expected.  The cucumbers, lettuce, carrots, nasturtium, and parsley are growing in leaps and bounds (in garden years, that is). The ground cherries? No sign of life from those seeds.  I wonder if the first night they were planted and unsettled by the squirrels did permanent damage? I’ll never know. Moving on…

My potted tomatoes were producing but turning very yellow so I moved them into the ground, where they are still (thankfully) producing! The herbs are gone and have been replaced by butterfly attracting flowers – cosmos and salvia. The salvia is keeping me on my toes, very sad and droopy during the day but all “hey, let’s party!” at night. I think it hates the sun more than the tag says it loves the sun. The lantana and alyssum are new to the hanging coconut planter and the marigold and petunias seem to be holding up nicely.  My larkspur? It’s just now coming out of the ground.

cucumbers are doing great!


carrot feathers!

carrots, not zombies!

Juliet tomatoes

Juliet tomatoes

Celebrity tomatoes

Celebrity tomatoes


my nasturtium - I love the leaves!

Finally, this little guy – my first stinkbug. The pests are coming out in force and they’re bringing their friends. Sigh

adult brown stinkbug

adult brown stinkbug


2 thoughts on “Garden Progress: Us vs Them

  1. I feel your pain on the stinkbugs. I don’t know what damage they do to the plants, but we find them year-round – in the HOUSE. UGH. Luckily they’re slow and apparently really stupid, because every time we come at them with a paper towel to send them on a swirly cruise, they don’t even try to get away. They’re the stoners of the insect world.

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