My herbs kicked it. After removing the thyme and the chocolate mint from their saturated pots and replanting them in the garden, it was apparent they had rotted before I even moved them to drier ground. Shriveled and shrunken, I pulled them out of the garden yesterday to make room for my newest victims…er, I mean, flowers. Yeah.

Now I would like to mention how the PEPPERMINT IS THRIVING! See, I didn’t kill all the herbs…just two out of three.  My rate of success is still above ZERO. I’d call that a WIN! (Also, Matt happened to pot a few herbs of his own just mere hours after I yanked mine out of the ground so for you spiritual suckers, this could be a classic case of herbal reincarnation. Ha – carnation! No pun intended, as I don’t currently have any carnations.)

On the fly, I decided to find some flowers to plant in place of my dead herbs (rest ye weary souls).  Determined to bring some life (seriously, another unintentional pun?) and more color to my garden, I went in search of butterfly attractors and came home with two – a purple vista salvia and a bright yellow cluster of cosmos. When my order rang up a couple bucks under $10.00 (the minimum purchase to use a debit card, grrr…), I headed back out to the massive selection of half-dead petunias and marigolds for a dollar each and scored a hit with a bill of $10.08.

Back at home, Elle planted the petunias and African marigold (that flower is nearly as big as my fist!) while I got the other two plants in the ground.  I have already seen two different butterflies check out their new flowers!

Also, a few weeks ago, I offered Elle an empty glass pickle jar to use for an art project of some sort. She was inspired by our trip to Butterfly Hollow at the zoo (blog post and photos forthcoming!) to create a colorful new home for any garden animals – frogs, toads, etc.  Her painted jar sat on the garden table waiting for the right moment to be placed amongst the growing flowers and vegetables.  After she put the petunias and marigold into the ground, that moment came.  And our garden looks so much happier now, too.

yellow cosmos

yellow cosmos

purple vista salvia

purple vista salvia

painted glass jar

African marigold, petunias, and Elle's painted glass "habitat"

It was nearly 4:30 in the afternoon when Elle and I finished digging around outside.  The sun had been coming at us for over an hour and the temperatures were well over 80 degrees yesterday. Our indoor/outdoor thermometer stated it was 102*, but I’m pretty sure that’s because the gauge sits in direct sunlight. After cleaning up and emptying pots, I had Elle put on her swimsuit and gave her full control of the hose. As expected, she came after me with the full “shower” setting a few times, but let’s face it: summertime temperatures and no backyard pool? Being sprayed with the garden hose is the best way to cool off, after all, and it always makes me feel like a kid.

  cooling off


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