Tangerine Blossoms

The tangerine tree is pretty self-sufficient and doesn’t ask for much. Other than our annual plucking of sunburst tangerines from its branches in winter, the tree happily thrives in the corner preparing itself for the next round of fruit-bearing.  Quite honestly, that is the only time I pay it much mind. Throughout the rest of the year, it stays leafy and green and nothing about it begs for attention.

This morning, however, I was reminded of another annual treat that is given to us by the tangerine tree – the blossoms and, most importantly, the fragrance!  I was knocked over by the scent of these small flowers and it honestly took me a few moments to figure out where it could be coming from.  Jasmine flowers are the only other scent that can take me away like the tangerine (and orange) blossom. I don’t have any jasmine but, fortunately, I do have an entire tangerine tree.

Before the bees take ownership of the tree in the next few weeks and let nobody come near it, I considered this morning an opportunity to snap some photos. Too bad smell-o-vision has yet to be invented.

  tangerine blossoms

tangerine 2

tangerine 1

tangerine 3

tang tree


2 thoughts on “Tangerine Blossoms

    • I catch the scent every now and again when I’m in the backyard. Our neighbors all over the place have citrus trees so the blossom smell kind of sits over us for a few weeks. I guess those few weeks have already started. 3…2…1…poof, it’ll be gone soon. 😦

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