They weren’t visible yesterday afternoon when I was out watering my thirsty strawberries, but this morning there was no doubt about it – seedlings!  I have seedlings!  Only half-joking, I made the exciting announcement on Facebook about the seedlings’ existence and likened this feeling to being a proud mom.  I can’t help it; this garden is one of the most well thought out adventures I have ever planned. Accomplishment comes in all shapes and sizes – mine just happens to currently be confined to a couple of 4×4 boxes.

lettuce seedling

lettuce seedling

cucumber seedling

cucumber seedling

cucumber seedlings


cucumber seedlings

cucumber seedlings

Closer to the house, I noticed a handful of another seedling starting to emerge. Pine tree seedlings! And, yes, they already give off a beautifully sharp pine scent. This scent will always remind me of my childhood, of playing in the wild woods of Upper Michigan. A happy little find today!

pine tree seedlings

pine tree seedlings (in various stages)


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