No Meat March: Day 5 (Vegetarian Burritos)

Vegetarians have a certain kind of stamina, one that I may or may not ever achieve for myself in the long-term. It is Day 5 of No Meat March and already I’ve nearly cracked a couple of times, once with an accidental encounter with bacon bits and again last night when the family enjoyed fish sandwiches and marveled at how delicious they were. To emphasize their deliciousness, I will report to you – THE PUBLIC WHOLE WIDE WORLD – that my kid even ate one. And liked it! *GASP!!!!!!*

Oh, now you wanna eat what we give to you? When I CAN’T eat it? Figures.

While I enjoyed my roasted corn and lentil soup, I also felt a little deprived. Something has been missing from my recent vegetarian meals but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. It wasn’t meat. That I know for certain, because I never depended on it much before this challenge as a means of sustenance. If anything, it kind of grossed me out (until I devoured one of the tastiest burgers I’ve ever had in Oklahoma – grassfed beef – but I’m starting to wander off into the woods…must focus).

I’m selective about eating foods that disgust me in mid-chew. Rice, pasta, bananas, yogurt, applesauce, you get the picture. I noticed that I am a textural eater, if that makes any sense. Maybe to better explain “textural eating”, just pretend I’m a five-year old who refuses to eat anything mushy. That pretty much says it all.

My sometimes low blood pressure is another concern in this change in diet. I had been given the go-ahead years ago by my doctor to eat foods that are high in sodium as this wards off a drastic drop in my blood pressure and prevents me from passing out.  Passing out is bad.  Staying conscious is GOOD. There are always approximately two to three bags of chips in the house, half a dozen varieties of cheese, and one of those mega boxes of Goldfish crackers. All for medical purposes, mind you.

Finally, I came to the conclusion that I am missing those two things: textural oomph and sodium.  My boyfriend suggested I try one of his favorite quick meals involving veggie burgers, refried beans, and Fritos for crunch.  Crunch and salt – oh, how I’ve missed you so.

Black Bean Veggie Burger Burrito (remember, single serving!)

1 Morningstar brand black bean veggie burger
2 flour tortillas
diced tomatoes
refried beans
melted nacho cheese
Greek yogurt
your choice of tortilla chips (I used Publix’s Greenwise Blue Corn Tortilla Chips)

This one’s not hard at all. Just heat the veggie burger and divide it into pieces equally onto each tortilla. Load up with your choice of toppings (obviously, warm the cheese and beans). Fold and top with melted cheese and crumbled tortilla chips. Delicious!

I was surprised by how quickly I gobbled both of these down. Obviously, I was hungry. My more recent meals have left me feeling a bit bored and unsure of what to try cooking and eating next, but this definitely hit the spot. Also, it was fun to eat! Remember those days as a kid when your mother would look at you funny as you broke up your potato chips and made them part of your sandwich, like they were their own ingredient? Because they were and they still are! Only now they come in different colors. Blue tortilla chips, anyone?


8 thoughts on “No Meat March: Day 5 (Vegetarian Burritos)

  1. As a vegetarian, I’ve been waiting for something like this for years: vegetarian burritos are now one of the best looking foods that I can eat now:) Great post and I look forward to sharing more with you:)

    • As a newbie, I’ve been a little intimidated! And hungry, but these burritos were filling and very, very delicious! Thank you and please feel free to add any suggestions 🙂

  2. Refriend beans are da bomb, yo 😉 Any day that I’m just ravenous, they’re always what I reach for – they’re quick to fill me up and I stay full.

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