Winter Walks

Weekends are made for relaxing and this is something I strive for during the week. I study relentlessly and work on assignments beginning on Monday in order to not spend my Saturdays and Sundays holed up inside.

This weekend I am attending my friend’s first live show with his band and making good on a members-only invitation to attend a preview of the Jacksonville Zoo & Garden’s new exhibit called Butterfly Hollow. There are tomatoes to be planted and two garden boxes to be filled, not to mention a big ocean nearby that will be getting much of my attention soon, come warmer weather.

So, in a nutshell, that is why I barricade myself behind these walls and keep my nose in a textbook (or in an online discussion board, as the case may be sometimes) Monday through Friday. Although I very much have to keep myself from grabbing my camera, tearing out the front door, and driving to the nearest wooded path for some good, healthy time outdoors. (Yes, I do allow myself some free time during the day to sit on the porch and watch the birds for awhile, but then I remember how poorly I’m doing in my Spanish class and forge ahead…back inside.)

Of course, photographs from my prior walks in the woods and on the local trails can never be a substitute for breathing in real, fresh outdoorsy air and the earthy scent of good, healthy dirt, but it’s something.  In fact, seeing these photos reminds me of just how badly I need to spend more time outside.

I have only posted one of these photographs before, so here are some more of my favorite shots during my walk around Fort Caroline and the Timucuan Ecological Preserve back in December:


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