Cake for One (or Two)

After taking Matt to the airport last night, the kid and I came back home to work on her school project and make a coffee mug cake.  I had been super excited about this since Saturday, but figured it would be best to enjoy it after we gorged ourselves on hamburgers as Matt’s last meal with the family before he headed back to Oklahoma City. We gorged ourselves so much, in fact, that there wasn’t a smidge of room in our bellies to even contemplate eating cake. Elle and I waited until close to almost 9:00 last night to get this little party in a cup started. (Also, excuse the crappy quality of my pictures – the good camera’s batteries died earlier in the day and my Kodak only functions on “close-up” mode.)

Chocolate Cake in a Coffee Mug

1 Coffee Mug (obviously – a tall one will work best)
4 TBSP of flour
4 TBSP of sugar
2 TBSP of unsweetened cocoa
1 egg
3 TBSP of milk
3 TBSP of canola oil
4 TBSP of chocolate chips
1 ¼ teaspoon of vanilla
powdered sugar

Mix the dry ingredients in the mug.  Whisk the egg before adding it to the dry ingredients and stir.  Add the milk and oil, stirring after each.  Put the mug on a paper plate inside the microwave and cook for 3 minutes. Remove the mug and sprinkle with powdered sugar – GENEROUSLY. You could probably even let the cake fall out of the mug into a bowl or onto a plate, but the coziness of having food in a mug always makes me happy. Like comfort food…

And seriously, it’s that easy. Don’t be alarmed by the ominous glob o’ goo growing inside the mug while it cooks. It may look menacing but hopefully you followed the instructions to a tee and utilized that paper plate as a mess-catcher. Or at least you placed the mug on a paper towel before microwaving it. Messes of the chocolate kind are no fun at all.

It's alive!

The only issue Elle and I had with this recipe was the hurriedness we found in having to eat the cake before it turned into a rubbery, bouncy mass. It tasted like a cake-like brownie and the chocolate chips certainly helped to keep the cake moist as the seconds wore on and the dessert became drier. The chips also seemed to settle quite quickly to the bottom of the mug before they had a chance to even cook in the microwave, but when you did find the melted chips – mmm, delicious!

I would certainly make this again. While I prefer a real cake to this quasi-cake, it hit the spot.  It totally eliminates the waste that comes from baking an entire cake and being the only one around to eat it, therefore sentencing the majority of it to the trash heap before it has even had a chance.

Perfect sized cake, in a mug.


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