Gift-Wrapped Seeds

My seeds are here!

I had originally planned to order Cosmic Purple carrots, Australian Yellow loose-leaf lettuce, Ashley cucumbers, a stevia plant, blue larkspur, and nasturtium. I jumped the gun a little and actually wrote the blog post before I placed the order with Southern Exposure Seed Exchange.  Sadly, the stevia was nowhere to be found on their website (sold out? never offered?) so I ordered Cossack Pineapple ground cherries in place of the sweetener. After doing a little research on the ground cherries, I’m pretty darn excited.

My bundle of seeds came in a plain, yellow padded envelope. But inside the package was another package, gift-wrapped in a very thin sheet of paper – pages 13 and 14 of the Herbs & Native Plants section of the seed catalog, to be exact, yet another reminder that I’m clueless and have a lot to learn. There is apparently something called tansy, a strong-scented button flower that repels flies (handy in these deep swamps and Florida woods), and another called Valerian. The Valerian contains flowers (so, it has visual appeal) but the root is effective as a tranquilizer without the side effects associated with Valium.   Valium does nothing to me. My 108-pound body must have the internal structure of a horse. Maybe I should just chew on some Valerian root sometime.

This weekend will be a busy one. Matt is flying in from Oklahoma City very late tonight and our weekend plans include, in no particular order: shopping for tennis gear, a/c and power steering belts installation, The Secret World of Arietty, possibly a few rounds of miniature golf, a trip to the Beaches Green Market where I will beg to bring home a baby goat as a pet and Matt will say no, learning how to cook a hamburger without worrying about bacteria, recreating the Safe Harbor Seafood Market’s shrimp taco, setting up Portal on the kiddo’s laptop, and drinking beer. He will be drinking the beer, for the record. Me? I like the foo-foo drinks.  Anyway…

Gardening will commence once the weather proves to be a bit more stable, which I’m hoping is next week. I haven’t been outside as much as I would like but I can’t complain about the much needed rain showers that have blanketed the area as of late. Today is in the 80s, tomorrow begins a trend in the 60s. Really, not bad at all.


4 thoughts on “Gift-Wrapped Seeds

    • possibly…until someone’s pants from the clothesline go missing and the goat won’t eat for a week. I should really just focus on raising vegetables. One thing at a time!

    • My boyfriend had them in his yard once and told me that they quickly overtook the nearby plants. These are some plants that need much supervision! Good luck 🙂

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