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The weather over the past few days has been downright dreadful. We had a hard frost every night and a biting chill in the air every morning.  Even parts of inland southeast Georgia were hit with freezing rain. It’s unusual to see that kind of cold around these parts. The rain we accumulated, though, which wasn’t much, did enough to make everything smell good and earthy again. I’m hoping for more.

I finally ventured outside for the first time since Sunday, putting back all of my plants that had been brought inside to save them from freezing. The strawberry plant and my herbs are probably happy to be back in the fresh air, but I just now noticed how much has changed since I last saw the backyard three days ago.

First of all, I am worried that most of the philodendron is looking mighty, mighty sad, although parts of it are still going strong. It’s strange to see such a dramatic difference between two stalks of leaves on the same plant.

Then the red maple has lost a lot of its whirlygig thingies (anyone?) and is producing very tiny leaves at the moment.  I especially like how the whirlygig thingies (seriously, does anyone know what they’re called?…besides helicopters?) take on the look of small feathers as they turn brown.

There is a little show of color in the front of the house, right near the door. I’m fairly certain this is a golden aster, but yesterday I returned the library book I had borrowed three weeks ago about Florida wildflowers. It just figures. Either way, I do not believe seeds were purposely placed in this precarious spot because these little guys are just asking to get stomped on.


Elle has been able to enjoy three fully ripened strawberries from her new hanging plant. They are never as large as you wish they would be, but the strawberries do hold a taste to them that she says rivals that of the berries we’ve been purchasing at the farmers market. I counted six new flowers on the plant this morning before I placed it back outside.

This is what we are looking forward to snacking on again soon:

This week I plan on designating spaces in my garden for some seeds to be planted soon.  So far, I am hoping to grow some climbing cucumbers (Little Leaf, Ashley, or White Wonders), Cosmic Purple carrots, and loose-leaf lettuce (Australian Yellow or Deer Tongue).  I will probably add a few varieties of flowers in the space just to keep things interesting (and to attract the bees and butterflies) so maybe a Sweet William, Blue Larkspur, and Nasturtium (the kid will love the edible leaves and flowers).

If anyone has advice, please feel free to share. I want to make sure I do this gardening thing right this year!


8 thoughts on “Backyard & Garden Stuff

  1. Oh dear, best of luck with the philodendron! That’s a gorgeous picture of its leaves. And yes – that strawberry looks better than anything else I could think of right now 🙂

    • The poor philodendron has been through quite a bit in the past 10 years. I’m expecting it to come back full of life…er, I hope. It just looks so sad!

  2. Wikipedia says the actual name is a samara: A winged achene, such as in maple, is called a samara. Whirlybirds and helicopters are not only more fun, but also more descriptive.

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