Cheaper by the Dozen

For years I have driven past this one house on Starratt Road, a white ranch home with a lush side yard full of vegetables and a front yard full of very cluckety chickens. The sign outside their property fence lets passersby know that all of their honey, eggs, and greens are for sale.  Being as I don’t know the people that live there, or even any of their neighbors for that matter, I have always been somewhat hesitant to pull into their driveway and just knock on their door asking for eggs.

This morning that all changed.  After I pulled a standard chicken egg from a carton I bought at the grocery store (I use those eggs for the baking) and pulled another free-range chicken egg from a carton I bought at the farmer’s market (I use those eggs for the good eatin’), I finally realized how much better looking the free-range chicken egg is, not to mention it is also significantly bigger than the standard egg.  I would prefer to eat only the free-range chicken egg from now on, if possible. The only concern is that the free-range chicken eggs cost quite a bit more – not only in dollars, but also in time spent driving to the market so I can buy them for $5.00.  (Please note:  I’m not stingy, I’m just unemployed.)

At last, today I resolved to meet the people that live in the white ranch house down the street and buy eggs from them. Now I could justify spending $5.00 on a dozen local eggs especially because I would be saving a 30-40 minute drive to Neptune Beach every Saturday afternoon.

I’m happy to report that my new egg supplier is less than 2 miles away and only charges $3.00 a dozen – handy egg carton included.  Isn’t that eggciting?  *snort* Ha! Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.


4 thoughts on “Cheaper by the Dozen

  1. And the farm folks don’t take food stamps ;oP but I had a similar eggs-perience (I couldn’t resist either!) wherein I drove way out for a homegrown dozen anytime I could come up with the money, and I saved cartons from my food stamp egg purchases to leave at the farm since that is an expense for them.

    Long live Galiforms!! (chickens)

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