A Good Place

After our nearly 7-hour drive back to Jacksonville from Orangeburg, South Carolina, we had only a few hours to rest and recharge before heading back on the road – this time south…to the beach! The next two days were spent relaxing in a quiet town called Crescent Beach.

Here are some scenes from our two-day vacation:

Our condo was on the fourth floor which allowed for some breathtaking views but provided enough flights of stairs to take yet even more of our breath away.  Later we learned that our building’s elevator was forced to shut down because of the day’s powerful wind gusts (we experienced a bit of this while at the top of the St. Augustine Lighthouse, but that day trip to visit the city’s sites is for another post…). Occasionally, Matt and I were able to tear the kiddo away from her new Samsung Galaxy tablet long enough to stare at the massive fishing ships on the horizon or watch a dozen or so pelicans skim the water for food. Elle even got Matt to try bodyboarding in the very chilly ocean temperatures. Their reward was the heated outdoor pool.

We ate at the local restaurants – no chains eateries for us, at least this time around – and found ourselves some new flips flops, board shorts, and a hooded sweatshirt at a surf shop MEGASTORE.  Seriously, the place was huge. I even convinced Matt to spend an hour of his life watching the newest episode of Teen Mom 2 on Tuesday night.  Wine was provided, mostly as a tool of persuasion, but it obviously worked.

The three of us acted like tourists but with enough “local” experience to know how to get around town.  Already being familiar with the scenic highways and the short cuts around the beaches certainly made it easier for us, but the best part was relaxing every night with the sound of the surf just outside our sliding glass door.  The constant rumble of the crashing waves frequently made its way into our space.  When that kind of roar is so powerful and overwhelming, yet comforting and calming, you know you’re in a good place.


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