I would really like to point out, before we go any further, that I do not necessarily have a fascination with poorly developed autumnal colors. Our muted version of New England’s fall foliage is entirely the fault of our subtropical climate and therefore leads us (or maybe just me) to become giddy at the sight of such colorful changes in our scenery here in North Florida. It’s progress on Mother Nature’s timetable and, quite frankly, one of the only reasons I’ll step outside in this chilly weather.

Why? I think it’s obvious I hate the cold! This girl was not designed for wind chills, artic blasts, or, for that matter, air conditioning.

Do you know that there was frost on my car yesterday morning? THE HORROR! Yet I refuse to accept that socks will soon become a part of my everyday attire. From past seasons and obvious moments of common sense, I know that I am wrong in this thinking but I’m just not ready.  You could say I’m in denial or just plain stubborn, but I prefer to be called tenacious and resolute!

So I ventured outside this morning in my fleece-lined pants, cozy hoodie, and flip flops (grrr…tenacity!!) and took a few shots of the changes going on around me.  They’re subtle and might go unrecorgnized by most others, but because I’m still jobless and home practically all day, I notice things.

Our tangerine tree is producing quite well this year, too.  We did experience a hard frost not too long ago, which is what our citrus needs to endure before being able to retain the sweetness inside, but we’ve decided to give them a little more time to mature. 

On occasion, I’ve snagged one from the tree and it’s been up to chance whether the tangerine is perfectly ripe or got plucked too early.  Because there are so many tangerines, we’ve offered to send boxes of them to our friends and families in South Carolina, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Oklahoma when it’s time to pull them from the tree.

You’re welcome.




5 thoughts on “Pre-hibernation

  1. I look forward to many tangerines and much cake on my next visit! Also, my truck and a certain BMW are in agreement that you and wind don’t mix. Or so they tell me…

  2. I certainly don’t want anymore innocent trucks and Beamers to suffer. At first I thought there was another “hiccup” regarding the Oklahoma Wind Incident until I realized I mentioned cold wind in this post. Short-term memory loss, huzzah. We shall celebrate with tangerines and much cake!

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