Favorite Things: OKC Edition

The ultimate Oklahoma City tourist trap – Bricktown in the fall:

Wednesday afternoon, we spent our time outside enjoying the sunshine and warm weather.  Too many preceeding days had been cloudy and rainy and cold, so the 70 degrees was a welcome interruption to what is probably considered a normal Oklahoma November. After lunch in Bricktown, Matt took Elle and me to the OKC Zoo to see the tiger cubs, baby elephant, red pandas, and a baby chimpanzee.

Later, we decided it would probably be more logical to find our Christmas tree Wednesday night as opposed to Friday morning.  Matt and I had already found some vintage red and gold ornaments in an antique shop a few days ago and added to our collection with some ornaments from Lowe’s in shades of muted purple and some burgundy. Considering we had a mish-mash of decorations to work with, we did quite well as we put together the Christmas tree on Thanksgiving morning and our ribbon draping worked out much better than I anticipated:

That afternoon, with the weather still inviting us to come outside to play (even if just for a little while), an opportunity to ride on the back of Matt’s motorcycle was presented to both Elle and me.  Of course, we said YES!

Matt and I both came to appreciate the hard work of Moms everywhere as he and I put together the Thanksgiving Day menu on our own.  Both of us, before this year, have been spoiled by not being the cook, only the eaters.  We grossly underestimated the amount of time it takes to actually prepare a meal this huge and both agreed that this is why women all over the country wake up at 5am to toil away on Thanksgiving morning.  Our 10:30am starting time resulted in a late, late dinner (around 6:30), but it was delicious.  Matt and I cooked and baked away in the kitchen in shifts as we each had our own dishes we wanted to prepare in the oven.  Our reward was a mouth-watering Thanksgiving dinner by candlelight, with our twinkling Christmas tree and holiday music in the background:

As I write this, I am sipping a mug of hot raspberry white tea, listening to Matt and Elle play Mario Kart, and watching the neighbors through the large kitchen window as they try to pull down their ginormous oak trees with a pickup truck and a chainsaw.  It’s all hilariously sad to witness, seeing as Matt has already sustained some damage on his fence due to one of their branches coming down in the (obviously) wrong direction.  The most recent mishap could’ve resulted in the neighbors losing part of their roof.  Three words: pure, dumb luck.

Tonight, we are hosting a few of Matt’s friends for a Leftovers Dinner before we head off tomorrow morning to Dallas and New Orleans as we make the trek back home to Jacksonville, Florida. I sure do miss the South and the smell of the salty ocean air, but I’m not quite ready to leave Oklahoma just yet.

There is so much more to see…I will be back.


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