(Life) In OKC

For the past few days, I’ve been making myself as comfortable as possible here in Oklahoma City.  As much as I miss the Florida sunshine right now (OKC’s current temperature reads 44.9*…brrr), I must admit that making myself comfortable has been very easy. Granted, I’m on vacation so things should be easy, but while Matt’s been at work some days (such as today), I’ve had to find things for myself and the kiddo to do to pass the time.

Yesterday, it was laundry and getting lost in the Mayfair area of OKC (Matt’s never heard it – yay for new discoveries!), searching for a Hobby Lobby on North May Avenue but ending up on the Northwest Expressway near Penn Square Mall.  My goal for the day was to simply find a Dunkin’ Donuts and get some coffee in me before my brain exploded from the confusion. Thankfully, Elle had been paying very close attention and was able to guide me to the nearest DD (right next to the Starbucks, no less!) and insisted she should drive us back to Matt’s house because she knew the way.

On top of her sporadic smartassery, Elle can often be hilarious.

Our first full day here in OKC, Matt took Elle shopping for boots, we all three went roller skating, and then Matt introduced us to the Rink Gallery, a spacious antique store with live music and free food. Here is where we loaded up on Christmas ornaments and I insisted on buying this cute owl napkin.  It’s quite big but better to keep the snowman apron company. Nobody likes a lonely snowman apron.  Sadly, the snowman apron hasn’t been used since Matt made that delicious pumpkin cream cheese frosting for our ginger cookies back in my Jacksonville kitchen.  No worries.  Thanksgiving is just two days away and Matt and I will both be cooking up a storm.

Other than that, my time here has been pretty relaxing.  Every night, the three of us watch a movie (Sunday night – The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Monday night – Star Wars, tonight – who knows…Willow?), followed by an episode or two of Shaun the Sheep.

In the mornings, Matt heads to work.  As soon as the door closes, his dog Chimay is in my face grunting and groaning and wanting to be invited into the bed with me.  His other dog, Abbey, sleeps with Elle in the spare bedroom.  They’re fun to have around during the day and keep the kiddo entertained.  Plus, they’re ADORABLE!


Chimay (also known as Chi-May-May!)

 Tomorrow, Matt will take Elle and me downtown to visit a few places:  The Oklahoma City Zoo, the Oklahoma City National Memorial, and then we’ll be off to find a Christmas tree.

OKC is a nice place – it seems like a friendly mix of Jacksonville and Gainesville, without the ocean and the salt air.  The people here are exceptionally welcoming and, despite my attempt to get around town by myself yesterday (with two different navigation devices), the streets are not very intimidating. Even the weather seems to be improving with forecasts in the 60s for the rest of the week.  There might even be some sunshine!

My only complaint? It’s Tuesday.  Saturday morning, the day we drive back to Florida, is sneaking up on us all very, very quickly.  I’m not ready. I don’t think any of us are ready for it.  And not because of the actual drive, but because of the inevitable separation. The three of us really do enjoy being together, however we can make that happen.

Here’s to hoping time will stand still…for just a little bit longer.


2 thoughts on “(Life) In OKC

  1. This boyfriend of yours names his dogs after trappist beer?! I think I like him. Also, I’m glad you’re having a good time, even if you didn’t swing by Pittsburgh.

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