Adventure's Eve

I didn’t sleep well last night. No, I take that back. I slept well enough last night, considering the Holy Wrath & Fury that blew through town at 4 o’clock in the morning and unleashed enough thunder to rattle my windows, shake my walls, and send me screaming from my bed in a very ungraceful sprint toward my bedroom door.  I wasn’t afraid of the thunder. In actuality, I’d been so surprised by such booming bellows from the clouds up above that I believed the noise to be caused by my crazy neighbor and his successful stint at blowing up the whole neighborhood. 

So I guess I was sleeping very well until then as I couldn’t even take .00032 milliseconds to gather my thoughts to realize it was a storm outside, of the nature-y kind.  Even though my neighbor is really crazy. I don’t put anything past him.

Back to the point of this – I’m tired.  And in less than 12 hours, I’m embarking on one of the biggest adventures of my life. Keep in mind that I’m anxious-ridden and an uncomfortable traveler so while this might not be all that exciting to most of you, to me it is.  In fact, IT’S A PRETTY BIG FREAKIN’ DEAL.

Yet I haven’t even packed. But, as always, I have a list! Because I always have a list…for something.

My first list (yes, there is more than one list) includes toiletries, medications, electronics and gadgets (like chargers, Wii games, digital camera, etc.), makeup items, first aid necessities, CDs, address book (yes, I still have an actual, physical book), yadda yadda yadda. 

It’s becoming clearer to me by the minute that I am hopelessly neurotic, yet efficient. 

My second list includes most of the things I’m packing in my own suitcase. I say most because I keep adding to the list.  Matt likes to remind me that there is a drugstore/a convenient store/modern civilization nearby, but I don’t believe in buying something in another zip code if I can just take it off my shelf at home and pack it in a suitcase.

Psssh…he’s obviously never traveled with the likes of me before.

The third list includes all the items that will be going into Elle’s suitcase.  It’s pretty much my packing list on repeat except I don’t have to lug my homework 1,100 miles away and do it while I’m on vacation.

Yes, you read that correctly.  1,100 miles.  That’s one thousand, one hundred miles. In a car. In a Hyundai. In a compact Hyundai Accent.  We have mapped our route to take us through the most scenic seasonal foliage available in the southeastern United States. Seeing as we Floridians celebrate the slightest hint of purple or red leaves, it shouldn’t be too hard to enjoy the change in fall colors as we head north and then west. 

That’s just to get to our final destination (yes, we are coming back home a week later) – crossing over six states and driving through some of the most prominent cities from America’s past, rich in history from the Civil War to Civil Rights.  My little history-nerd heart can barely keep itself from beating out of my chest. 

In a way, I wish I had more time.  But I’m prone to homesickness and stress-induced fatigue, so this crash course in long-haul road tripping is a great introduction for me to learn how to get from Point A to Point B all while enjoying the journey, the company, the conversation, and the bonding that can only be cultivated amongst those who choose to endure the hours on the road in exchange for the reward at the end of the road.

First stop: MEMPHIS!


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