Stuff. And NaNoNoMo. Or NoMoNaNo?


Life is back to normal (proof above in the form of checklists – hooray!) and Matt made it to Oklahoma City this morning just in time to pull his car out of the lot, drive home, change clothes, and go to work (double hooray! unhooray for work = one hooray).

FYI – Now I’m all lonely. Add sad face.

I drove around this morning to my usual stops, which really only consist of Elle’s school and Starbucks. The barista engaged me in small talk while she made my latte on a brand new machine (yes, I notice these things) and then commented on how I seem to be in every morning while most other people are going to work and “Oh, how nice it must be to stay home all the time!”


Now that I’ve laughed at her, I might ask for her job. ‘Cause I need me one of those.

After I explained that my daily appearance at Starbucks was due to recently being laid off, she apologized profusely and insisted that I not take her for an insensitive person and, of course, I fully accepted her apology in turn.  Besides, what unemployed person would actually have the gall to buy Starbucks every day when they’re in such dire need of an income?  I totally get where she thought I was a happy and financially secure housewife (or even a financially secure single woman – I hear they exist, though I’ve not ever met one…).

Also, don’t look at me like that.  My Starbucks is always purchased with a gift card.

When I came home, I was greeted with the contents of my desk.  Oh, boy! Checklists. So far today, I’ve successfully managed to find myself an affordable dental plan, convince the unemployment office to allow me to “attend” a job skills orientation session online, pay my car insurance and Visa bills, and write a postcard. 

Next on the agenda: downgrade my life insurance (sadly, I’m still worth more dead than alive), find Matt a birthday present, and beg my doctor for more free samples of a prescription pill that hasn’t yet been accepted by my health insurance company.  Oh, what’s that you say? I don’t have health insurance any longer?  See, my point has been made.  GIMME FREE STUFF, PLEASE. I think the co-pays they’ve robbed from me should more than make up for what I can get out of this doctor’s office stash o’ goodies.

(I wonder if they’ll remember they’ve already provided me with 3 months’ worth of stuff already? Guess we’ll find out soon…)

On a totally unrelated note, I’ve given up on NaNoWriMo. I attended the kick-off session and met lots of cool people and I really, truly had every intention of following through. But you can’t blame me when I tell you that my time with Matt is limited and I was not about to toss precious minutes with him aside so I could keep up with a word count.  Elle and I don’t often get to enjoy having him around so we will take advantage of every second with him that’s given to us. I am wholeheartedy behind every single one of the writers I met that afternoon and wish all of them the best.  Maybe next year…


2 thoughts on “Stuff. And NaNoNoMo. Or NoMoNaNo?

  1. Greetings from Missouri! I happened upon your post because of the NaNoWriMo tag. To offer some totally unsolicited advice from a random “interwebs” person, don’t give up! We may not all win this year, but at least we can say we tried.

    • I appreciate the support – I guess I just know I’m not going to reach 50K. So in the spirit of NaNo, I’ll keep writing. I might reach 50K in February or maybe not even until June, but I won’t stop writing. Thank you!

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