#19 and #25 (November) – CHECK

Normally at this time of night, I would be video chatting with Matt.  Tonight’s banter would certainly involve his tales of delays, free drinks,  and turbulence after flying home from Jacksonville to Oklahoma City in the middle of a lightning storm. 

But, as he and I have just recently learned, video chatting from his home in Oklahoma City is hard to do when he’s STUCK IN HOUSTON!  At least the plane wasn’t struck down by lightning.  Besides, I don’t think Mother Nature has finished tossing OKC into the abyss with endless earthquakes and tornadoes.  And there’s a tropical storm hanging around in the Atlantic Ocean just off the coast of Florida.  Earth is angry about something. 

Also, this inconsistency in the weather is totally messing with my obsessive need to know what is going on at all times.  Which reminds me: I knocked 1.833333333 (it runs on) things off of my 36 before 36 list, my list of things I can control! So, as Matt hopefully sleeps like a baby in his hotel room in HOUSTON, WHICH IS NOT OKLAHOMA CITY, I can reflect on my day as a slayer of to-do lists.

#19: Learn how to change a flat tire.
IT WAS EASY! I also cleaned out the trunk of my car just so that we could even get to the “change a flat tire” equipment. Here I found two umbrellas, two boogie boards, one beach chair, a paper bag of books, and a plastic bag full of gymnastics leotards I meant to sell months ago but forgot about. The only thing that wasn’t found – INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO CHANGE A FLAT TIRE.  Good thing I had an experienced man to help me. I’m hoping he’s in the car with me in case I ever really need a flat tire to be changed out.  Just because I know how to do it doesn’t mean I want to be the one who actually does it.

Other things I know how to do but don’t want to be the one who actually does it: change a baby’s diaper, take care of very sickly and contagious people, go camping with 15 other people – all under the age of 10, colonoscopy prep.  See what I mean? Knowing how to do it and actually doing it are two different things. 

#25: Try one new food every month (November edition!):
Matt took me out on a date Friday night.  It’s only our second date ever. Seeing as he flies from OKC to Jacksonville on a monthly basis, I think it’s safe to say I’m the most expensive date he’s ever had.

So, the new food for me?  Indian food – chicken tandoori and some other stuff involving yogurt. I tried. I liked. I did not love.

Note to self (and anyone else dumb enough to suggest leaving at rush hour to eat dinner at a restaurant on the completely opposite side of town): DON’T DO IT! Stay home and eat some goldfish crackers for a little while instead. Traffic sucks.

As for the rest of the weekend, it was incredibly fun. I think Matt watches more television at my house in his four days of visiting than he does when he’s at home for the rest of the month.  A bonus to all this trashy television viewing, though (yes, there is a positive to this bad habit of mine), is that now Matt and I can watch The Soup together and he’s pretty much in the know – I’ll have him rattling off the names of each of the Real Housewives of New Jersey in no time. 

On Sunday, we took the kiddo to the zoo. The weather was cooperating in the sense that it was a little chilly and windy (= Dena’s whining again!) and the animals seemed to really enjoy the cool temperatures.  They were out and about, for the most part.  Matt and Elle got to feed the giraffes and all three of us fed the lorikeets who, in a show of their great appreciation, decided to pee on everyone and act all bitey.  Elle almost got a projectile squirt of urine on her foot and another shot his bladder off in the opposite direction of my back.  Yet another one bit me on the right hand.  I’m no longer a fan of lorikeets.

Our zoo adventure souvenir (from a photo booth!):







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