Add "motivated" to my resume, as well….

My routine has changed dramatically since the days when I was working. There was such order in my life before my layoff.  And I tried so hard to not stray from it once I found myself home all day if I could help it, simply because I thought, “I’ll get another job soon. How hard can this possibly be? Why, just a few years ago I actually held down 3 jobs at once!”

Let me tell you something – it is hard.  Finding a job is very hard work. So is the mental exhaustion of thinking you aced an interview (after multiple callbacks) only to be told via the rejection phone call that you almost got the job but “we decided to hire from within.”  That’s happened to me twice.  Then when I was the girl from within, I didn’t get the job.  I didn’t even get the rejection phone call.  They did, however, send me a very nicely worded grammatically correct auto-email telling me I didn’t have what they were looking for.

Screw you. I disagree. 

And yes, I’m a little bitter about the whole thing, mostly because I am stuck at home in front of a computer all day looking for a job instead of actually working at a job. Yes, I’m in jeans and a t-shirt right now and I just finished watching Intervention on A&E and I did get to stop job hunting the other day long enough to make cookies and —- BONUS POINTS!!! —- with my windows open I can totally see everything Crazy Rex is doing in his backyard (no barrel fires are worthy of a call to the fire department just yet), so that part of being unemployed is fun. But mostly…NO.  I have no routine.  This drives me absolutely nutty.

The only thing I do on the regular is wake up at 6:00(ish…ish, okay, fine 6:30) and get the kid ready for school and drive her to school and then I drive home.  THE END NOW LET’S ALL HAVE A NAP BECAUSE THAT 5 MILE ROUND-TRIP JAUNT JUST PLAIN WIPED ME OUT. Zzzzz…..oh, is it lunchtime yet?

When my day is in order, my brain is in order.  Whereas before my layoff, I could pretty much determine when lunchtime was nearing based on other people asking me, “So, do you want to take lunch now or in an hour?”  I mean, how easy was that?  Now I actually get to decide for myself when I’m going to eat lunch and, let’s be honest here, that could mean anytime between 9:30 in the morning and 2:00 in the afternoon.  I mean, seriously –  WHO’S IN CHARGE HERE!?!

Oh, me?  Well, @%#!.

I’m still putting “self-starter” on my resume.


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