my morning walk

Including the weekend, I’ve been confined to my house for 4 days.  Cabin fever, albeit a very slight case, has already begun to set in.

I woke up this morning with the sniffles and a small but annoyingly obvious cough. My boyfriend is flying out in two days to spend the following five days with my daughter and me for our birthdays, so the timing is not so good.  I thought I had made things easier on everyone involved by giving birth to Elle a mere four days before my own birthday so we could all just celebrate us at once, but no…I had to muck it up by catching cooties.

I’ll try to plan it better next time.

Because I really was under the impression earlier that maybe, perhaps…oh, I’d hoped!…I was feeling under the weather because of the amount of dust I inhaled yesterday while cleaning window blinds, I thought I should spend some time outside this morning.  You know, away from the dust, away from the cooties, away from teh bleh…

It turns out that I actually may have a teeny, tiny cold.  Also, the kid may have pinkeye.  Matt, if you’re reading this – pack your plastic bubble.  It’s a petri dish up in this joint.

Anyway, so out on my morning walk (to which I had to drive), I really started to appreciate the small little vacation I’ve been given under the guise of unemployment. Sure, I’d rather be working but this wasn’t such a bad way to spend an hour.  I was outside amongst the trees and the wind and the water and it was quiet and peaceful…

poor use of quotation marks as I feel this is merely a “suggestion”



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