Day 1 in the life of the unemployed

Today is my first official day of unemployment. No vacationing going on here…I still worked hard and was super-productive but I’m just not getting paid. Maybe with appreciation, but that ain’t gonna buy the Advil I need to get rid of my raging headache.

I was up and out of bed at 6 o’clock (yes, IN THE A.M. ) because my child still needs a belly full of breakfast and a ride to school. Then my mother needed a ride to work. Which is all fine, to become the family chauffeur – and I really don’t mind – but I also had a job interview this morning and only 70 minutes to feed everybody everything and to take everybody everywhere and to hop in the shower, get all dressed up (well, matching my clothes is technically dressing up, in my fashionably-challenged opinion), and drive to the Southside to meet with someone about a job I still, 6 hours later, know very little about.

What I do know is this: If you want to pay me in dollars, then I want to work for you. It’s real simple!

And because I walked out of the interview feeling like I would soon experience an episode of information-overload head explosiveness, I decided it was a good enough motivator to fill out that dreaded State of Florida unemployment claim I’d heard so much about, none of which about them being very helpful.

Oh, but there’s irony! The irony in all of this is that the unemployment claims center is headed and maintained by the very state-run organization that ran out of funding and left me for dead, at least job-wise. I was part of that department’s Jacksonville-based support staff. In fact, I was the only Jacksonville-based support staff person they had. I got canned. They no longer have a Jacksonville-based support staff. I’d call that ironic.

But the State of Florida’s unemployment claims office, in their ongoing attempt to virtually kick me in the face, then made me take an applied mathematics test.

A math test. Really? Yes, really! I passed Levels 3 & 4, but by the time I hit Level 5, the questions either got too hard or I got too lazy. Probably the latter. But does it really matter if I can determine how many gallons of paint Bob from England will need if he’s already calculated his need for paint to be approximately 7 liters? You’re in America, pal. Speak English, not metric. And no, Florida. I don’t think it matters. I’m moving on and Bob from England is on his own…

My to-do list for the day (I must have a list in order to check things off and feel accomplished in my life.  I know I’m not the only one.):

Clean windows
Wash the dishes
Feed the cats
Pick up dress
Remind Matt to cancel UPS tracer
Complete unemployment forms
Complete health insurance paperwork
Oil change
Write up essays for class
Clean bathrooms
Wash bedding
Turn down the crock pot to LOW at noon

I have been busy. I have not even napped today, although I’d feel lazy if I had. It’s one thing to take a day off from your actual paying job and putz around all day doing mundane things, relaxing things…NO THINGS AT ALL! That’d be nice. But there is a guilty-conscience thing going on in my head in knowing that Karma is watching…


3 thoughts on “Day 1 in the life of the unemployed

  1. Oh my dear! My own 3-year mark of unemployment was over a month ago. The unenjoyment checks did stave off complete despair, but after they dried up I was back to living with in-laws, eating by my state food card. Do not delay in getting any assistance that is out there, sometimes they can take a while.

    Don’t despair. There may be help on the horizon, but if it doesn’t happen right away, keep chuggin’ on. Stay with the list thing, that got me through my days and even justified a couple weekends off – not being employed is harder than people think! My thoughts are with you!!!

    • thank you, Laura! This IS way harder than I thought it would be…maybe it’s the feeling of being unproductive, though I do believe I’ve worked harder at home the last couple of weeks than I did during my last two months in the office. Ever onward!

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