I’ve had a bad relationship with the parking services department at UNF. 

They’ve given me a ticket before. They’ve even gone so far as to call my supervisor to snitch on me for not renewing my parking permit for the last two years. I’ve questioned why I have to pay for a permit that allows me to park in a general lot in which anyone, in general (see, get it? Yeah.) can park there…FOR FREE!

I will do it no longer.

Today my parking permit is being officially retired due to it being expired for the last time. I am not renewing it because I only have 7 weeks left of employment before the state sends me on my way with…oh, nothing.  I’ll have to get crafty with my parking spaces, probably by hiding out back with the collection of out-of-county police vehicles driven by classroom trainees from, well…from out-of-town.  I will hide in plain sight!  I hope it works.  My coworker’s been dodging the PE peeps since September.  Very successfully, I might add.

The Hide & Seek games begin tomorrow…wish me luck. Also, I need a job. (insert worried face here)


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